• Is Jim Beam Gluten Free

    Is Jim Beam Gluten Free?

    Bourbon is typically primarily gluten-free by default. This is due to the fact that the gluten is removed during the distillation process. Thus, it can be considered as a gluten-free alternative. That being said, the gluten is removed after the fact. Therefore, it is largely going to depend on your level of gluten sensitivity. If you are simply looking to sustain a gluten-free diet purely because you are looking to avoid gluten, you could consider drinking it. However, if you are gluten-intolerant, you will likely want to avoid Jim Bean. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons you might want to consider adding Jim Beam to your…

  • is jagermeister gluten free

    Is Jagermeister Gluten Free?

    Are you someone that enjoys drinking various alcohol but happen to be gluten intolerant? If so, you are likely going to be looking for some of the best options that you could consider. Below, we will be going over one of the best options that you can consider. Jagermeister claims that it is gluten-free and there is no reason to not believe it despite the company not posting the exact ingredients in it. Because of this, you can be confident drinking Jagermeister in knowing that it is not going to cause you a gluten reaction. Below, we will be going over some of the other things that stand out about…

  • Healthy Snacks

    Are McDonalds French Fries Gluten Free

    McDonald’s is the poster child for fast food – there can be no argument about that. With around 34,500 outlets in 116 countries, the Golden Arches are just about as close to an international fast food emblem as it is possible to get. In fact, there are only 10 countries in the world where you will not be within easy reach of those famous burgers – and of course the great fries that are an essential part of the McDonald’s experience. You’ll be without your fast food fix if you are in Zimbabwe or Syria (amongst others) and you will not be able to get your fries in Vatican City…

  • A Guide To Watching My Favorite Cooking TV Shows

    A Guide To Watching My Favorite Cooking TV Shows

    Australia is considered a country that chews up and spits out cooking television programs each year searching for cutting-edge culinary shows.  Regardless of whether the program is informative or competitive, the shows are some of the most enjoyable shows on the television.  This article will provide some of the top shows currently available to view. #1:  MasterChef – Channel 10 Since 2009, Channel 10 has provided viewers with several seasons and spinoffs of the award-winning cooking show, MasterChef.  Inspired by the British version of the program, Australian MasterChef is screened five nights in a row with the top 24 contestants performing pressure tests, elimination rounds, and immunity challenges until the…

  • Gluten Free Personal Care Products
    Personal Care

    Gluten Free Personal Care Products

    I was giving a lecture the other evening and one of the attendees asked about lotions.  Personal care products can be challenging when going gluten free.  I remember the many mistakes that I made, and how the D-Man paid the price for my mistakes, welts and rashes were commonplace.  In the United States, the labeling of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products is the responsibility of the FDA.  Unfortunately, these products do not have to adhere to the same labeling standards as the foods we eat; even though we are applying them to the largest organ of our body…our skin. It can be confusing sorting through personal care products since gluten…

  • Traveling with Celiac Disease or Severe Allergies

    Traveling with Coeliac Disease or Severe Allergies

    One of our Doctors suggested I write about the measures I have taken to travel with my severely gluten sensitive son, so Dr. L. this one is for you!  It is my hope that this information will make your future travels a little easier.  Many of these tips are common sense, but many more are borne from necessity.  Please, if you think of something that has helped you in the past I hope that you will share it here. We’re almost ready to leave for our first ever family vacation!   I am running around like the proverbial chicken and trying to tie up loose ends this week.  I admit planning…

  • Grain Free Biscotti
    Healthy Snacks,  Recipes,  Sweets and Treats

    Grain Free Biscotti

    Sometimes you just need a little crunch in your gluten free life.  This recipe for Grain Free Biscotti will satisfy that craving.  Free from grains, refined sugar and casein; these biscotti can be served plain or dipped in chocolate.  Be creative with your add in’s…chocolate chips, diced fruit, nuts/seeds.  These biscotti freeze beautifully so make a batch and save some for later. Ingredients: 3 1/2 Cups Blanched Almond Flour 1 1/2 teaspoons Baking Soda 1/4 teaspoon Sea Salt 2 teaspoons Organic Ground Cinnamon 1 1/2 teaspoons Organic Ground Ginger Dash of Organic Ground Cloves 1/2 Cup of Optional Ingredients:  slivered almonds, chopped pistachios, currants, or chocolate chips. 2 Large Eggs 1/4…

  • UPDATE: Gluten Free Laundry Detergent
    Household Products

    UPDATE: Gluten Free Laundry Detergent

    Some of you may remember I posted a blog last August about Gluten and Chemicals in Laundry Detergent. I am happy to report that the D-Man’s rash is considerably better having switched to an environmentally friendly brand that the company confirmed was free of gluten. There continues to be confusion about laundry detergent, and I am frequently asked by people “which laundry detergents are gluten free?” This is difficult to answer as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) governs labeling of laundry detergents. The EPA’s concern is whether a laundry detergent is “environmentally friendly”, not whether the detergent may contain gluten as a filler. The EPA does not require labels of…

  • Gluten Free Lip Balms
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    Gluten Free Lip Balms

    The weather is frightful; it’s bitter cold and the winds are howling.  Being outside for any length of time quickly saps the moisture out of exposed skin, especially your lips.  For those that are industrious you can make your own lip balm, it’s a fairly simple but it can be a laborious process.  For those who want a “grab and go”  lip balm, I have compiled this list of gluten free products.  Please always make sure you read the labels as companies do change their ingredients.   While I have not included every gluten free lip balm produced, this list provides you with a variety of resources so you will…

  • White Chocolate Mousse
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    White Chocolate Mousse

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!  I wanted to share an absolutely decadent desert that is simple to make and beautiful to behold.  This White Chocolate Mousse would fall into the “special treat” category, and I will warn you up front…It is not Paleo, nor is it appropriate for my casein sensitive readers.  For my readers with Soy sensitivities please read your labels carefully as many chocolates contain Soy as an emulsifier. There is so much confusion surrounding White Chocolate, so let me explain what white chocolate is (or should I say isn’t).  White Chocolate is a derivative of chocolate, made from cocoa butter, sugar, milk, and vanilla.  The color of white…