Allergy Grocer is Back!

Not everyone has time to bake from scratch, and this can be especially frustrating for those with food allergies. A trip to the grocery store can be time consuming; reading labels, searching packages for food allergens…not easy in a crowded market. Add to that the fact that most of us have a child, or two, or three in toe, it can be a recipe for disaster! I’m the first to admit that I have made purchases, and upon inspecting the item at home have realized that it contains an ingredient that my family can not have. The other problem is that local grocery stores frequently have limited choices, so those with food allergies, or multiple food allergies have little to choose from. That is where the Allergy Grocer prevails.

Allergy Grocer is an on-line store that was founded as “Miss Roben’s” in 1992. Initial offerings were wheat and gluten-free mixes for people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities. Over the years it grew, not only as an on-line food distributor, but one with its own dedicated manufacturing facility. The Allergy Grocer now specialized in allergen and gluten-free food products, and produced it’s own line of Miss Roben’s allergen free mixes.

Unfortunately due to the recent economic downturn it looked like the Allergy Grocer was going the way of the Dinosaur. Long time customers were saddened to hear that the Allergy Grocer would be closing its doors. Thankfully, the company has been purchased, and the Allergy Grocer (after a short hiatus) is in business again. I know that there are many places to order on-line, but what sets the Allergy Grocer apart is their commitment to providing a multitude of allergy free products, and their attention to detail. Instead of spending time looking through hundreds of items you can simply click on the tab “Shop by Allergen”. This brings up a comprehensive list, not only allergens, but certifications (Non-GMO, Feingold Stage 2, Organic, etc.). Each product also lists it’s ingredients, but with the ability to select by allergen the process of choosing foods is faster and easier.

In my opinion a website this easy to navigate is worth bookmarking. For those of you interested, see for yourself. . You can also contact them if you have specific questions, 1-888-476-3350. The staff has always been professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Welcome back Miss Roben’s!

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