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We are becoming more savvy when it comes to determining whether our foods contain gluten, but do we show that same diligence when purchasing our personal care products? Many people have asked which products are safe to wear around the D-Man, who is highly sensitive to Gluten. One kiss from a well meaning family member or friend wearing lipstick or lipbalm can leave angry red welts on his little face.

Gluten is in everything; lip balm, shampoo, hand lotion, and perfumes. Trying to figure out which products contain gluten can be difficult at best. While the cosmetics industry is regulated by the FDA, cosmetic companies are not required to adhere to the same labeling standards that appear on our food labels. Nobody wants to stand in the drug store or at a cosmetic counter with a magnifying glass trying to decipher the tiny print on the product label. Even if you could read the list of ingredients how do you know which contain gluten? While it may be obvious if the ingredients state the product contains “wheat starch” who would have known that STEARYLDIMONIUMHYDROXYPROPYL is derived from wheat.

I made multiple errors when first starting to rid our home of gluten. The ingredient that caused the most confusion was Tocopherols, frequently listed as Vitamin E. Sounds pretty innocuous, but there were times when I used a product and the D-Man would pay the price…angry red welts! I soon learned that Tocopherols come in many forms; some derived from wheat, while others are derived from Organic Olive Oil.

One day when I was researching a product on the internet, I stumbled across a blog written by Erika. Her blog was an invaluable resource and saved the D-Man from welts and rashes more than once. For those searching for gluten free personal products that can be purchased at your local drugstore or cosmetic counter, I highly recommend her blog. Her lists of products are extensive, and updated frequently.

Through trial and error, (and hours of research) I was finally able to find products that are now mainstays in our home. Gluten Free Savonniere makes a variety of soaps, shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers; free of gluten, casein, corn, soy, fragrance, and dyes. Another moisturizer we use is in our home is Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, it is very gentle on sensitive skin, is great for cooking, and it is also a natural bug repellent…one jar with so many uses! For those of us who want to wear makeup, (or in my case, need makeup) Joelle Cosmetics produces gluten free mineral and liquid foundations, lip pots, eye shadows and blush.

Stay beautiful, (and gluten free)!

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  1. Andrea Carter

    Thank you very much as i feel as i’m in my very own horror story! appreciate it.

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