Creating a Snack Bar

While I don’t have any problems creating a nutrient dense bone broth, protein filled, grain and sugar free cookies, or even grain free pies, I hit a road block this week. A few weeks ago during routine testing we found that the D-Man’s histamine levels were elevated, O.K., they were off the charts. Allergy testing confirmed that he was allergic to aspirin, or the component of aspirin known as Salicylates. The testing also confirmed he was allergic to a certain mold that strangely enough is typically found on fruits and vegetables that the D-Man has always refused to eat. On Monday I met with one of our brilliant Doctors who had reviewed the test results, she recommended removing all fruits from the D-Man’s diet for at least 12 weeks. The reasoning behind the decision was simple….fruits are very high in Salicylates. She also recommended we remove all milk products. The Raw Milk we consume has never been a staple of our diet, yet I have incorporated it into our cooking, allowing the D-Man to have the occasional raw milk yogurt or very yummy raw whipped cream. Unfortunately, milk products (raw or otherwise) can be very inflammatory so we are back to having Mommy make Coconut Milk for those occasional treats.

I sat down with the D-Man after meeting with the Doctor and we discussed what we would be eliminating from his diet, and why we were doing so. The D-Man was not terribly concerned with the removal of milk; however, he is struggling with the removal of fresh fruits. In a particularly whiny and melodramatic moment he said “I can’t eat grains, I can’t have cheese, I can’t have fruit, I might as well just starve to death”. Part of me wanted to laugh, but the other part of me wanted to cry. I had just told my 7 year old that his diet would only consist of pastured meats, organic vegetables and certain nuts. I know through research that the Primal or Paleo diet is a very healthy way to live, but trying to explain that to a 7 year old takes a little work. The D-Man loves fresh organic fruits (apples, bananas, berries and melons) and we thought it was a healthy choice. Fruit makes a great snack when you are on the go, unless of course you are allergic to Salicylates! Eliminating fruits also means eliminating the only processed food in my pantry….snack bars. These were handy little packaged bars; organic, no sugar, Non-GMO, the ingredients were simply fruits and nuts. So, after mulling over the latest elimination in our diet my challenge is to create a snack bar that tastes good, is high in protein, contains no grain, casein, sugar or fruit.

My first attempt was a Raw Bar, which was met with a warm reception by the D-Man. Daddy thought it was good too, so we’re on the right track. I used melted coconut oil, organic almond butter, sunflower seeds, chopped pecans, and pumpkin seeds (of course all seeds and nuts are soaked, to make them easier to digest), sea salt, a scant quarter cup of blanched almond flour, unsweetened organic coconut flakes, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and two teaspoons of raw honey adds a bit of sweetness. I just mixed everything up in a bowl and pressed it into a small cookie sheet coated with a bit of coconut oil. 20 minutes in the fridge and they were firm enough to cut into squares. My only concern is how these will hold up under warm weather conditions. While great out of the fridge these might wilt or melt in warm weather.

I’ll continue to work on recipes that might make wholesome snacks and share my successes and failures with you.

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