In Search Of The Perfect Protein Bar…..Still!!!

It is Sunday morning on the mountain; the sun is shining, the animals sleeping. The D-Man and Daddy have gone for a hike in the Shenandoah Mountains. I wish I could have packed a wholesome protein bar to give them energy for their trek, but alas I have not yet found protein bar nirvana. Instead, I made them a hearty breakfast and sent the boys off with nuts and filled BPA Free Water Bottles. Trying to create a protein bar sans grain, sugar, casein, and fruit should not be so difficult, yet the perfect recipe is eluding me at the moment. The red hawk sitting in the tree outside my kitchen window seems to be mocking me. I have spent countless hours this week conjuring up ideas in my mind and mixing up batches of concoctions that have lacked consistency or flavor or both.

I will go for what I know and create a high protein cookie that should put a smile on the faces of my hikers when they return home. Since the weather is going to be warm, I think that something with a tropical flavor would be appropriate. Almond flour cookies with diced ginger and macadamia nuts should do the trick. Tomorrow is another day, another opportunity to create the perfect protein bar.

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