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Still Searching For The Perfect Protein Bar….O.K. I Will Settle For Good

Many of you know that I have been scrambling to create a healthful snack bar for more than a week. To date none have excited the D-Man, and [..]

Sweets and Treats

In Search Of The Perfect Protein Bar…..Still!!!

It is Sunday morning on the mountain; the sun is shining, the animals sleeping. The D-Man and Daddy have gone for a hike in the Shenandoah Mountains. I [..]

Sweets and Treats

Snack Cake….In search of a high protein snack.

Day number two on our no Salicylate Diet leads me to create a snack cake that excludes grains, sugars, casein and fruit. I tried baking collard greens and [..]

Sweets and Treats