The Almond Flour Debacle

Picture of Crispy Almonds, Almond Butter and Organic Carrot Chips. (C) 2011 Paul Waldo

Sometimes failures are successes in disguise; take, for example, my Almond Butter.  I started my day with good intentions, to make a batch of almond flour from crispy whole almonds.

My good intentions went out the window when I stepped away from the food processor longer than I thought.  When I returned it was clear that I had passed the point of no return.  My crispy almonds were not fluffy flour, but had compressed to a thick, lumpy and ruddy paste!

My flour debacle was a blessing in disguise; I realized I was well on my way to making Almond Butter.   I kept the food processor running; adding a bit of sea salt, a tablespoon of raw honey and a drizzle of almond oil which produced a smooth and creamy paste.  James Joyce once said “A man’s errors are his portals of discovery”, such was the case with this Almond Butter.  My family is now enjoying dipping organic carrots, cucumbers and raw fennel in this flavanoid rich antioxidant dip.

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