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Replacing C12H22O11: Sweeteners, Natural Alternatives

Pictured in back row, left to right:  Raw Honey, Coconut Nectar, Liquid Stevia, and Yacon Syrup.  Pictured in bowls clockwise from top:  Coconut Crystals, Maple Sugar, Maple Syrup, [..]

Baking Ingredients

Gluten Free Personal Care Products

I was giving a lecture the other evening and one of the attendees asked about lotions.  Personal care products can be challenging when going gluten free.  I remember [..]

Personal Care

Gluten Free Doesn’t Always Mean Being The Designated Driver.

 Galileo once said “Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” What types of alcoholic beverages are Gluten Free? I am often asked by those who have been diagnosed [..]