Safe Insect Repellents

Summer has arrived, and whether you are heading out for a family picnic, a day at the beach, or the local pool you are entering the domain of insects.   While most of us enjoy communing with nature, we prefer not to commune with Mosquitoes, Biting Flies, or Ticks.  To prevent these critters from making a meal out of our arms or legs we typically slather or spray ourselves with Bug Repellent.  More often than not these commercial repellents contain ingredients that would make you shudder, and many contain gluten and grains in hidden forms.  I have compiled a list of “safe” insect repellents from the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep Database ( The EWG rates products on a 0-10 hazard scale, the lower the score the safer the product.  I have also reviewed the ingredients and created a column including allergen information.

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