Does your candy contain Glucose? It’s all just sugar, isn’t it?

I’m still flat on my back and not allowed to walk…Yes, I am going a bit stir crazy!!!  While lying in bed I broke down and turned on the T.V., flipping through the channels aimlessly.  A show, on the Food Network caught my eye.   I can’t tell you the name of the program, but the episode was all about Candy Making….fun!   Almost immediately alarm bells went off in my brain as they poured Glucose Syrup into the pot which contained boiling water and sugar.  Glucose Syrup sounds benign, but for those who don’t know, it contains wheat or corn! 
Glucose syrup is used in the making of hard candies; think of those big Swirly Lollipops, or colorful Ribbon Candies.  Without giving you a chemistry lesson we’ll suffice to say that glucose syrup prevents that boiling sugar and water mixture from crystallizing as the candy dries.  Please remember that under our current FDA Food Labeling Laws that a product can be derived from a gluten-containing grain and still be labeled as gluten free if the final product contains less than 20 parts per million.  Simply stated it’s best to avoid these colorful confections as there are safer candies on the market.  I’m including a few links for on-line candy companies that provide healthier, allergy friendly sweet treats.
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