Gluten Free Halloween Candy List

I am frequently asked this time of year which Halloween Candies are Gluten Free.  Each year the answer is different as more and more manufacturers are producing gluten free candies.  This is great news for our gluten sensitive ghosts and goblins, and shows that companies are beginning to understand the need for safer options.  As a parent of a child who suffers a severe reaction to gluten, my advice is to always double check the label for allergen statements.  I am including each company’s customer service telephone numbers at the bottom of this post, so when in doubt, call!  The products listed below meet the current FDA labeling standards for “gluten free”, meaning they do not contain wheat, barley or rye.  These products may not be free of grains, so if you are keeping your little ghosts and goblins on a “true” gluten free diet please read the labels carefully, or contact the Companies Customer Service Representatives.  Please also note that this list does not contain every candy manufactured, but it should be a good starting point, and include many of the candies typically found in Trick or Treat Bags.

Let’s Do Organic Produces Gummi Bears that are organic, and free of wheat, gluten casein, dairy, yeast, egg, soy, peanut, and tree nuts.  The following products are free of the allergens listed above:
Organic Classic Gummi Bears
Organic Jelly Gummi Bears
Organic Super-Sour Gummi Bears
Note: Let’s Do Organic Gummi Bears contain Citric Acid derived from Corn.

Surf Sweets All Surf Sweets products are gluten free and nut free and are packaged in a facility that is free of: wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, nuts, fish, and shellfish.  All Surf Sweet products are Stage 2 Feingold approved.
Gummy Bears
Gummy Swirls
Gummy Worms
Fruity Bears
Jelly Beans
Sour Worms
Sour Berry Bears

Yummy Earth: Products are the treats we reach for in our home.  These candies are not only gluten free, they are organic, Non-GMO, free of artificial colors, artificial flavors, nut free, soy free and dairy free.  With flavors like Wet-Face Watermelon, Roadside Rootbeer, and Googly Grape you’re sure to find a flavor that the kids will like.  My son has never been a huge fan of lollipops, but loves their Gummy Bears.   The following is a short list of the treats Yummy Earth produces:
Sour Beans
Gummy Bears
Sour Worms
Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops (can be purchased in bags of 15 pops or 5 pound bags)
Vitamin C pops and drops pouches (15 pops or about 30 drops per pouch)
Yummy Earth Organic Candy Drops (about 115 drops per bag)

Sun Cups: These products are not only gluten free, but peanut/nut tree free, organic and kosher.  These get a two-thumbs-up rating from my son.  Sun Cups are made with  sunflower seed butter which is high in Phytosterols.  Their flavors include:
Dark Chocolate Cups
Milk Chocolate Cups
Caramel Cups
Mint Cups

Enjoy Life Most people with food allergies have heard about or use Enjoy Life Products.  The company produces products that are allergy friendly, and when it comes to being gluten free the company states:  “All Enjoy Life™ foods are specially made to be gluten-free so they are perfect for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.  They’re made in a dedicated gluten-free bakery and certified gluten-free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) so you can eat our foods with confidence and know that you are eating gluten free.  Look for the GF symbol on all our products – it means they are certified to be free of gluten and possible cross-contamination from gluten.”  Enjoy Life makes the following candy bars which are gluten free:
boom CHOCO boom Dark Chocolate Bar
boom CHOCO boom Crispy Rice Bar
boom CHOCO boom Rice Milk Bar

Hershey’s does not publish a list of gluten free candy as their ingredients and suppliers change frequently.  When I spoke to Customer Service I did not get a warm and fuzzy feeling about their products.  The representative was friendly, but could only reiterate the allergen information which is on their website “We have found that allergen lists quickly become outdated as our product lines change over time. Rather than have you make purchase decisions based on outdated information, we encourage you to check the ingredient label on the package. This label provides accurate, current information about all the ingredients in the package”.  We personally have had problems with Hershey products in the past, so please check the labels carefully or call their customer service number to determine if the product is gluten free.

Nestle USA/Wonka produces their gluten free candies in plants that do not manufacture gluten containing products.  Nestle will label potential gluten cross contamination with “may contain” or “made in a facility that also processes” statements.  The customer service representative I spoke with recommends reading the ingredients carefully as ingredients are processing facilities may change from time to time.  The following candies produced by Nestle are gluten free:
Baby Ruth
Butterfinger Bar (NOT the Butterfinger Giant Bar, it is made on shared equipment)
Nestle Milk Chocolate (all sizes)
Oh Henry!
Raisinets (Milk Chocolate, Cranberry, and Dark Chocolate (Note: Cherry Raisinets have been discontinued)
Pixy Stix
Laffy Taffy
Wonka Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip
Bottle Caps (see label for ingredients)
Exceptionals (made on shared equipment)
Wonka Gobstoppers (made on shared equipment)
Nerds (made on shared equipment)
SweetTarts (made on shared equipment)

Mars Chocolate The company requests that gluten-free consumers check labels, even if a product is typically gluten-free.  During heavy production periods (Halloween included) Mars uses alternate facilities to make its candy, and some of those may introduce cross-contamination risks. The company says it will label any gluten ingredients or cross-contamination.  Please also note that ingredients may not be labeled on your Halloween sized candy, when in doubt call the Toll Free Number.  I spoke with a Consumer Care Representative and was told the following products are currently gluten free:
M&M’s (with the exception of pretzel-flavored M&M’s)
3 Musketeers Bars (truffle crisp contains gluten)
Milky Way Midnight Bar) (exception: Milky Way Original is contains barley
Milky Way Caramel Bar
NOTE: Milky Way Original contains barley it is not Gluten Free

Dove Chocolate (all products except seasonal items)
Snickers Bars (all flavors)
Munch Nut Bar

Jelly Belly
All Jelly Belly jelly beans (including the licorice flavor) are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and certified Kosher.  The company makes other candies, but they are not gluten free.

Somehow when I was a child Mary Jane’s always ended up in my Trick or Treat Bag.  The Molasses and Peanut Butter chew was a no-no for me since I am mildly allergic to peanuts; however, my Mother gladly removed them from my Trick or Treat bag and enjoyed them for weeks following Halloween.  She was also a big fan of Necco wafers, which I also gladly handed over to her.  Nostalgia got the best of me, so I checked the Necco website and found the following products do not contain gluten from wheat, rye, oats or barley:
Necco Wafers
Mary Janes
Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses
Haviland Thin Mints
Candy Stix
Clark Bars
Talking Pumpkins (Halloween Only)
Necco Candy Eggs (Easter Only)
Sweethearts (Valentines Only)
Squirrel Nut Caramels
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Banana Split
Mint Julep Chews

Just Born  Most widely know for those cute little marshmallow Peeps, Just Born also has a variety of gluten free candy.  The company clearly states on their website “Because product formulations can change at any time, we encourage consumers to refer to our package labels for the most up-to-date ingredient and allergen information.  We are required by law to declare major food allergens as defined by the FDA on our label.  Moreover, we voluntarily add advisory statements to our packages to alert consumers to potential cross contamination risk.  This information pertains to all Just Born candies that we make and package at our two manufacturing locations (Bethlehem, PA and Philadelphia, PA) and are in their original packaging.  Please be aware that we do sell some of our products in bulk to other manufacturers who may be repackaging them in another facility.  We encourage consumers to read the labels carefully for any potential allergen warning on products that might be packaged elsewhere”.  Please also note that the modified food starch listed in their jelly bean type candies is corn starch.  The Customer Service Representative stated that the company is working to revamp its packaging with a gluten free statement.  He also mentioned that the small packages will contain ingredient information.  While Just Born does not have a list of gluten free candies on their website, the customer service representative told me the following products are gluten free:
Halloween Peeps
Mike and Ike Hot Tamales
Mike and Ike Original Fruits
Mike and Ike Berry Blast
Mike and Ike Italian Ice
Mike and Ike Jolly Joes
Mike and Ike Redrageous
Mike and Ike Tangy Twister
Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon
Mike and Ike Zours
Mike and Ike Jelly Beans

Tootsie Roll Industries The statement from Tootsie Roll Industries website states “All Tootsie products are Gluten-Free (All Tootsie products are gluten free except Andes cookies.), Peanut-Free, Nut Product-Free.  Tootsie does not use wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale, spelt, or any of their components, either as ingredients or as part of the manufacturing process. Corn and soy products are used during the manufacturing process.”  I did call the Customer Relations Department with Tootsie Roll Industries and she reiterated that all Tootsie products are gluten free.
Caramel Apple Pops
Charleston Chew (including minis)
Charms Blow Pops
Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum,
Tear Jerker Sour Bubble Gum
Charms Blow Pop Bubble Gum
Dubble Bubble Twist, Cry Baby
Sour Gumballs, Gumballs
Junior Mints
Junior Caramels
Tootsie Pops
Tootsie Rolls and Fruit Rolls
Sugar Babies, Sugar Mama, and Sugar Daddy

Wrigley (A Division of Mars) Wrigley does not contain an allergy statement on their website, except to state “Wrigley’s goal is to keep our online nutrition information up-to-date and accurate. However, we always recommend that you check our labels, or call 1-800-WRIGLEY, for the most up-to-date ingredient and nutritional information”.  I spoke with a representative from Wrigley and he stated that except for the Altoids Smalls all Wrigley products are gluten free.  Below you will find a list of their most popular products:
Altoids (Altoids Smalls are Not Gluten Free)
Hubba Bubba Gum
Lifesavers Hard Candy
Lifesavers Pops
Lifesavers Gummies

Customer Service Phone Numbers:
Let’s Do Organic:  (805) 684-8500
Surf Sweets: (224) 676-1070
Yummy Earth: (303) 589-6700
Sun Cups: (303) 589-6700)
Enjoy Life:  (847) 260-0300
Hershey’s: (800) 468-1714
Nestle USA/Wonka: (800) 258-6728
Mars Chocolate: (800) 627-7852
Jelly Belly: (800) 522-3267
Necco:  (781) 485-4500
Just Born:  (888) 645-3453
Tootsie Roll Industries:  (773) 838-3400
Wrigley a Division of Mars:  (800) 974-4539

My wish is for all of you to have a happy, safe, and gluten free Halloween!


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