When Gluten Free Isn’t Really Gluten Free

I am not perfect, and I thought I would take this opportunity to share my tale of woe.  I am an advocate for reading labels and reminding everyone that we live in a buyer beware world.  That being said I am always on the lookout for safe products that are commercially available.  I thought I found such a product the other day, but much to my dismay I was mistaken.

I will be traveling on business next month and thought it would be nice to have a natural skin cleanser (in a TSA compliant size) to take on my trip.   My skin is sensitive, so I wanted something free of gluten, parabens, sulfates, and petrochemicals, and I thought I found the perfect product.  I had heard great things about Mychelle Dermaceuticals from friends, so I decided to try their Fruit Enzyme Cleanser (which is marked gluten free).  I reviewed the ingredients albeit with distractions and clicked on the “add to cart” button.

When my order arrived I felt comfortable that I had made a safe purchase and was excited to give this product a try.  The first night I used it I was fine, the second night I felt a bit of tingling.  The following morning I woke up only to find that my skin was red, burning, blotchy and puffy….Yikes!  Upon closer inspection (yes, with reading glasses) I noticed “Amaranth” listed as one of the ingredients.  While Amaranth is considered safe for those on the Standard American Gluten Free Diet it is not safe for me, Amaranth is a grain.  My husband being a gentle and loving man didn’t run away when he saw my face that morning, instead he said “well honey, there’s a blog post, you need to warn others”.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but he was right.

I am still licking my wounds (so to speak), and gently applying coconut oil to soothe the burns on my face.   The coconut oil will not relieve the pain from the careless mistake I have made, but I have learned a valuable lesson.   In the future I will be more vigilant and not purchase products while I am distracted.  On a positive note I am thankful that I tried this product while I was at home, and not away on a business trip.  The moral of the story is that Gluten Free isn’t always Gluten Free, remain vigilant and always read your labels carefully.

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