Gluten Free Baby Wipes

baby diapersA reader contacted me the other day asking if I could help her find Gluten Free Baby Wipes.  Her little girl was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease and she is struggling to find personal care products safe for her precious little baby.

Most baby wipes contain more chemicals than I feel comfortable using, and I honestly believe that if you are at home using a soft baby washcloth and warm water will do the trick.  You can also make your own wipes with a few simple ingredients.  I’ve included a link for a great homemade recipe by Katie better known as Wellness Mama,  For those times when you need the convenience, or if you just prefer to use wipes a little research led me to the following products.  Please note several of these products contain Tocopherols which can be derived from gluten (typically barley).  I have noted those with an asterisk.

NatraCare Organic Wipes (contains corn)

The Honest Company Honest Wipes

gDiapers Biodegradable gWipes

Babyganics Face, Hand and Babywipes

Kinder By Nature Unscented

Treehouse Natural Wipes for Baby and Toddler

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Babywipes

Arm and Hammer by Munchkin Hand and Face

Burt’s Bees Babywipes Fragrance Free

Earth Friendly Baby EcoBaby Wipes

Earths Best Tender Care Chlorine Free

* Pampers Sensitive Baby

* Seventh Generation Chlorine Free

* Walgreens Renew Natural Baby

* Huggies NaturalCare Fragrance Free


Always remember to check the ingredients on labels.  Manufacturers change their ingredients frequently and if you purchased something last month it may contain different ingredients this month.

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