Update: Is Your Orange Juice Really Healthy?

Orange Juice

Orange Juice, Is It Really Healthy


It’s a new year and many of you have made resolutions to transition to a healthy and nutrient dense diet.  As a Nutritional Therapist, my clients often ask about “Healthy Juice” options.  While I am not a fan of “drinking” your fruit (that’s another post), I know that many people love to start their day with a glass.  I wrote this blog several years ago, but for better or worse, it is still timely today.  When I published this post in 2011 there was quite a bit of backlash, but now many bloggers have written and posted about “what is really in your orange juice”, it’s kind of flattering.  Anyway, here is the link to my original post:  http://livingglutenandgrainfree.com/2011/08/25/is-your-orange…eally-100-pure/

Thankfully, there have been positive changes since I published my post in 2011, and there are healthier options for juice drinkers in mainstream stores.  So what do you look for before purchasing juice….

Labeling, What to Look For on Your Juice Label:

Honestly, the top pick for my clients who want to drink juice is to select USDA Organic Fruit and Juice at home.  Obviously with the busy schedules we keep this is not always possible.  For those who want to purchase juice at the store I recommend the following:

Organic Cold Pressed Juice:  These juices can be found at places like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Health Food Stores, and even some large grocery chains.  Because the majority of these are made with organic fruit you will not be ingesting a chemical sludge which increases your toxic load.  Also note that since these juices are not heat pasteurized they retain a good amount of vitamins and minerals.  The downside is they have a shorter shelf life so make sure to check your labels for pull dates.

High Pressure Processing (HPP):  This process, as the name implies, uses high pressure (instead of heat pasteurization) to remove pathogens from the juice.  The HPP process extends shelf-life without removing oxygen thus retaining more of the nutrients found in the natural fruit.

For those interested in learning more about Juice Processing you can read the article by Food Babe:  http://foodbabe.com/2013/11/10/juice-labels/  Her article also has a link to where to find Cold Pressed Juices by State.  I am also including a great chart from Food Babe which shows how many of the major brands of  juice fare:

How to Choose Store Bought Juice

How to Choose Store Bought Juice


My advice to my clients is to focus on eating organic fruits, but if they just can’t give up the  juice at least there are more mainstream and healthful options available to them.

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