• Gluten Free Lip Balms
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    Gluten Free Lip Balms

    The weather is frightful; it’s bitter cold and the winds are howling.  Being outside for any length of time quickly saps the moisture out of exposed skin, especially your lips.  For those that are industrious you can make your own lip balm, it’s a fairly simple but it can be a laborious process.  For those who want a “grab and go”  lip balm, I have compiled this list of gluten free products.  Please always make sure you read the labels as companies do change their ingredients.   While I have not included every gluten free lip balm produced, this list provides you with a variety of resources so you will…

  • White Chocolate Mousse
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    White Chocolate Mousse

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!  I wanted to share an absolutely decadent desert that is simple to make and beautiful to behold.  This White Chocolate Mousse would fall into the “special treat” category, and I will warn you up front…It is not Paleo, nor is it appropriate for my casein sensitive readers.  For my readers with Soy sensitivities please read your labels carefully as many chocolates contain Soy as an emulsifier. There is so much confusion surrounding White Chocolate, so let me explain what white chocolate is (or should I say isn’t).  White Chocolate is a derivative of chocolate, made from cocoa butter, sugar, milk, and vanilla.  The color of white…

  • Is your Ice Cream Gluten Free?
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    Is your Ice Cream Gluten Free?

    When we think of ice cream we don’t typically think of gluten.  Ice cream should be made from Milk, Cream, Sugar and Flavorings, it should be gluten free.  Read on to find out what else may be lurking in that bowl or gluten free cone. A dear friend of mine stopped by the other day to visit after my surgery.  She brought a few groceries; some fresh fruit, vegetables, and ice cream.  She thought it would be nice for my son to have a treat.  I thanked my friend profusely while my husband put the groceries away.  The brand of ice cream my friend brought was Turkey Hill, and that…