A Guide To Watching My Favorite Cooking TV Shows

A Guide To Watching My Favorite Cooking TV Shows

Australia is considered a country that chews up and spits out cooking television programs each year searching for cutting-edge culinary shows.  Regardless of whether the program is informative or competitive, the shows are some of the most enjoyable shows on the television.  This article will provide some of the top shows currently available to view.

#1:  MasterChef – Channel 10

Since 2009, Channel 10 has provided viewers with several seasons and spinoffs of the award-winning cooking show, MasterChef.  Inspired by the British version of the program, Australian MasterChef is screened five nights in a row with the top 24 contestants performing pressure tests, elimination rounds, and immunity challenges until the last home cook is left standing.

The winner receives a monthly column in Delicious Magazine, along with $250,000.  Judging the food are chefs George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan, and the food critic Matt Preston wearing his typical colored cravat.

#2:  MKR – Seven Network

My Kitchen Rules, also known as MKR by viewers, includes pairs of average Australians from various states inviting opposing teams with judges Manu Feilfel and Peter Evans into their homes to enjoy a three-course meal.  All of the dishes are scored individually with the lowest scoring team being eliminated.

The program first aired in 2010 on the Seven Network and has resulted in several spin-off shows in Russia, Britain, Serbia, the United States of America, and New Zealand.  My Kitchen Rules has received five Logie Award nominations and won an award for the Most Popular Reality Program.

#3:  Food Safari – SBS

Since the year 2006, television presenter Maeve O’Meara has taken all Lifestyle and SBS viewers along for tours of global cuisine on the Food Safari program.  After five seasons, O’Meara has enjoyed the cuisine of several countries including Egypt, Croatia, Brazil, Lebanon, Morocco, Denmark and many other places.

Each of the Food Safari episodes begins with an explanation of the ingredients used and where they can be found in Australia.  The viewers will then meet a person from the nation on which O’Meara is focusing, and the viewer will be guided through popular recipes of the country.

Season five of Food Safari differed in that the focus was on different cooking techniques than the cuisine.  A spin-off of this program includes French Food Safari and Italian Food Safari.

#4:  Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam – SBS One

In addition to being the owner of the Red Lantern in Surrey Hills, Luke Nguyen is a chef and author taking food program viewers on a journey through Vietnam to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine.  The show, Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam, was aired on SBS One and deals with all areas in Vietnam ranging from Saifon to Hoi An, Sapa and Mai Chau.  Luke invited the viewers to meet his extended family in the program, while sharing some of his favorite ethnic recipes.  The program was broadcasted for two seasons.

#5:  Huey’s Kitchen – Channel 10

One of the most popular daytime television celebrities is Iain Hewitson – a chef more commonly known as Huey.  Huey has been cooking on Australian television programs since the 1990s and premiered an individual cooking show in 2010 called Huey’s Kitchen.  Huey’s Kitchen utilizes simple recipes in various locations with the aim of informing home cooks.  The show ran on Channel 10 for four seasons and there are regular repeats of the seasons.

#6:  Shane Delia’s Spice Journey – SBS One

The successful chef and restaurant owner, Shane Delia, visits different Middle Eastern regions to experience their food.  The cuisine in this program come from Lebanon, Iran and Malta, and he discovers the spices involved in the recipes while attempting to re-produce the foods he finds.

Shane’s culinary adventures cover culture through food and examines the stories beyond the spice used in the Middle East.  This television program transcends the four walls of the kitchen to offer a side where all people share their love of food regardless of who or where they are.

#7:  Gourmet Farmer – SBS

Gourmet Farmer involves the restaurant critic and trained chef entering the world of farming in a small farm in Tasmania.  Matthew Evans has a belief that people need to be more involved with the production of food, regardless of whether it is growing and rearing the food or merely obtaining it from the local producer.  In the television program, Evans visits farmers and food producers throughout Tasmania’s valleys, towns and coastal fringes to discover the traditional means of living, farming and cooking.

#8:  Zumbo’s Just Desserts – 7 Network

Zumbo’s Just Desserts is a popular baking reality competition program developed by the creators of MKR.  The program is hosted by British cook, Rachel Khoo, and Australian chef, Adriano Zumbo.  It involves various amateur Australian cooks competing to impress the judges with their dessert creations.  The prize for first place in this competition is $100,000.

While I can easily tune into them when I’m in Australia, I rely on Aus IPTV when I’m traveling to make sure I never miss an episode.