• Home Made Corn Free/Grain Free Baking Powder
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    Home Made Corn Free/Grain Free Baking Powder

    Yesterday I was involved in an exchange on-line that made me realize that many people are not aware that most store bought Baking Powder contains cornstarch.  While not a problem for many, baking powder can be dangerous for those with Corn Allergies, or problematic for those who adhere to a Grain Free Diet. When we went grain free I started making my own Baking Powder.  To date nobody has noticed a difference in my baked goods.  I mention this because as a rule, commercially available baking powder is “double-acting”, meaning the leavening gasses (carbon dioxide) are released on contact with moisture and again during baking.  Single-acting baking powder (a.k.a. Tartrate) releases the…