• Natural Product Expo
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    Natural Product Expo

    Recently I attended the Natural Products Expo, an industry event which highlights trends in food, beverage, supplements and personal care products. 4 levels of the convention center filled with 1,450 vendors and attended by 28,000 people can be overwhelming; having only one day to see these products was impossible. My goal was to talk with as many vendors as possible, focusing on product offerings for the Celiac/Gluten Sensitive Community. I have put a list together of some of the products that I felt would be “Celiac Kid Friendly”. Many of these products are available through Amazon, but others will need to be purchased through the company, or retailers such as…

  • Homemade Foaming Handsoap
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    Homemade Foaming Handsoap

    Every year people make resolutions for the New Year. The #1 resolution is to loose weight, however, this post is not about loosing weight it’s about the #3 resolution, Spending Less and Saving More. Foaming hand soap is expensive when you consider that the main ingredient is water, that’s right, approximately 80% of that pump bottle is water! Many of these foaming soaps are being marketed to our children; brightly colored bottles, familiar cartoon characters, and silly scents are aimed to peak a child’s interest, one bottle stated “Foaming Hand Soap For Kids, Encourages Proper Hand Washing”. I looked at the label and it contained: Water , Sodium Laureth Sulfate…