Home Made Corn Free/Grain Free Baking Powder

Yesterday I was involved in an exchange on-line that made me realize that many people are not aware that most store bought Baking Powder contains cornstarch.  While not a problem for many, baking powder can be dangerous for those with Corn Allergies, or problematic for those who adhere to a Grain Free Diet.

When we went grain free I started making my own Baking Powder.  To date nobody has noticed a difference in my baked goods.  I mention this because as a rule, commercially available baking powder is “double-acting”, meaning the leavening gasses (carbon dioxide) are released on contact with moisture and again during baking.  Single-acting baking powder (a.k.a. Tartrate) releases the gasses as soon as it comes in contact with moisture, in other words the rising starts to occur as soon as the wet ingredients are added to the dry ingredients. To achieve the best results with home made baking powder make sure your pans are prepared, the oven is preheated, your dry ingredients are well combined, and the wet ingredients have been mixed separately. The following recipe has never let me down (no pun intended), and if you do a lot of baking the recipe can be doubled or tripled.

1 tablespoon non-aluminum baking soda
2 tablespoons cream of tartar
2 tablespoons starch (arrowroot, tapioca or potato)
Place all ingredients in a bowl.
Mix well.
Store in an airtight container (preferably in a cool, dry place).

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